As a Travel lover, I am quite familiar in Laws of tourism and also the knowledge and learning that I acquired help me in this career. I know the famous tourist spots in the country which is a very good advantage for me in this line of job description. Not only that, I also am very good in communicating to tourist and guests and also I handle guests well. I also learned basis terms in some different foreign language and those are Korean, Japanese and French and also specially English. I am very good in documenting and creating articles about my travels in different places that I’ve been and share it with my family and friends. Why do you like to be a travel writer? For me, this is a really good opportunity to express the feelings in documenting all the wonderful experience that I have encountered during my visit to those beautiful scenic places and wonderful nature spots that leaves me speechless and happy when I throwback to those moments. And also with my knowledge in tourism I would really like to apply its attributes and principles in terms of being a travel writer. I want to share to everyone how beautiful our world is and to challenge them to explore. Because in Travelling will set you free and let you enjoy life to the fullest. In travelling, you can meet new people, new friends and establish a new relationships and fellowship unto others.